Terms & Conditions

Rider Specifications:

Applicants under 18 require a Parent or Guardian to e-sign this form

Physically, riders must be able and reasonably fit, well balanced on a horse at all gaits

As a matter of safety Sam Caporn reserves the right to recommend that you do not ride, and in such a case your enrolment will be transferred to auditor status.

Your Horse:

Must already be started under saddle for any ridden exercises.

Please do not bring horses with very serious behavioural problems on a course.

Stallions are not permitted; unless by Sam Caporn consent please phone 0410 494 381.

Rider Requirements:

A Basic Equipment kit is required comprising a

Natural Halter,

12ft Line,

Horsemanship 4ft Stick & 6ft String

Saddle & Pad

Riding boots/shoes* Appropriately heeled shoes (no laces) or boots.

Hard hat; Australian standard approved helmet to be worn whilst riding. (If you chose to ride without a helmet you will not be Insured)


At any time in its absolute discretion, the INSTRUCTOR may:

(a) Revoke its approval for the APPLICANT to attend or participate in the COURSE

(b) Recommend that the APPLICANT transfer to ‘auditor’ status

(c) Make an adjustment or refund course fees

The APPLICANT agrees to release and discharge the INSTRUCTOR in respect of all liability to the APPLICANT for loss or damage of any kind whether for personal injury, death or property damage which the APPLICANT may suffer in attending the COURSE, howsoever caused.

The APPLICANT hereby indemnifies the INSTRUCTOR from any loss, liability or damage or cost that may be incurred by the INSTRUCTOR

(a) as a result of any act or omission, whether caused by negligence of the applicant or otherwise

(b) in respect of any injury, loss or damage any person who may accompany the APPLICANT to the COURSE may suffer whilst at the COURSE.

This Agreement, Releases and Indemnities shall be binding upon the APPLICANT, the APPLICANTS legal representative, heirs and next of kin and that this agreement may be pleaded in bar to any cause of action commenced in any court contrary to the Term & Conditions.

Various words and phrases used in this agreement shall have the following meanings: – “the INSTRUCTOR” also includes any directors,shareholders, employees, agents or sub-contractors who may run or assist in running the COURSE: “the COURSE” refers to any instructions, training or demonstrations relating to the starting, training, selection, care, handling and riding of horses.

By Submitting the Online Booking Form you are agreeing to all Terms & Conditions as set out in this document.