Performance Horse Problem Solving Event

This is going to be a unique event, with a demo and workshop for people that have competitive horses and have some interest in using Natural Horsemanship to gain some different skills and approaches to improving themselves and their horses. Natural Horsemanship is way of training, that uses prey animal psychology and develops habits and skills in humans to be more of a partner for the horse. It’s not trick training or just rope wiggling and bridleless riding but away of adding more connection, feel and harmony between you and your horse to your training program.

There are 10 rider postions available and and you can be of any skill level and can bring any breed and of any discipline. This clinic is about the horse and what brings us together for the love of them.

Sam has demonstrated all over Australia, the US and Europe with both English and Western horses and understands what people are looking for in their chosen disciplines. 2016 Sam was Pat Parelli assist for demonstrations with problem horses at the Dublin Royal Show (One of the biggest show jumping events in the world).

Friday the 3rd of March Demonstration Saturday the 4th of March Workshop
6.00 pm | The Philosophy of Natural Horsemanship

Sam works with one of his horses and talks about the way we approach horses to develop a great foundation for any discipline, and breaks down any myths about it being trick training or a type of cosmic horsemanship.

6.30 PM | Break

6:45 PM | Demonstration

Sam will then demo with someone elses horse that has not had any of this sort of training, so he can show you the changes that can be made through using this approach.

9.00 am | Coaching Session

Sam will coach riders with their own horses, looking at them individually and showing strategies on the ground and ridden.

12.00 PM | Lunch break

1.00 pm | Coaching Session Part 2

Following on from the morning and establishing positive behavioural patterns in the horses.


Swan Valley Equestrian Park
220 Haddrill Rd, Baskerville WA 6056


Spectator tickets $25 demo
Spectator tickets $25 workshop
Riders for the full day workshop $200 – (Includes a free pass to the demo on the friday night.)


You can buy your spectator ticket online via the buttons below. If you want to spectate the Demo and the Workshop on both days, simply select one of the two tickets and click save and continue shopping on the ticket page to add the other ticket.

Spectator ticket 3rd of March Demo   Spectator ticket 4th of March Workshop


If you want to participate as a rider please fill in the application form below.

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