Focus on Finesse

Clinic Location: “Tanginup” 25614 South Western Hwy, YORNUP WA 6256

The two riding categories within the program are titled Freestyle and Finesse; this clinic is designed to help people bridge the gap between between the two.

Freestyle Riding:
Freestyle consists of riding with infrequent or no contact with the horse’s head or mouth.

Finesse Riding:
In Finesse, the rider generally keeps close but gentle head/mouth contact and uses communication from body cues developed by practice with freestyle riding to give instructions to the horse about gross motor skill topics such as gait and direction while reserving the reins for discussions regarding refined elements such as bend in the body

We will have a look at the importance of Contact, riding the horse with more precision in areas of straightness, transitions and lateral movements.

Benefits of Finesse for both Horse and Human:

For The Horse:
Finesse develops your horse’s fine motor skills by teaching him to comprehend and execute more precise manoeuvres, at specific tempos, with specific parts of his body in certain positions. As he develops more refined control of each zone of his body, it increases his overall athleticism and his ability to understand your commands.
Playing in Finesse also lightens your horse’s forehand. At a standstill, approximately 60% of your horses weight rests on his forehand. By adding more collected gaits to your horse’s repertoire, you allow him to put more weight on his hindquarters, reducing the wear & tear on his forequarters and encouraging him to bring his weight underneath and up, rather than forwards. Additionally, lightening the forehand builds better topline, which is of particular importance – both in the performance arena and to your horse’s overall longevity.

For The Human:
Simply put, Finesse opens up an entirely new vocabulary between you and your horse. It’s our job to provide intellect in the conversations with our horse’s, so when we are able to become more creative thinkers, the possibilites are almost endless. Introducing the bit brings about many more options for specificity in your commands, and you can become far more precise with your movement; a slight shift of the shoulders or a tightening of the finger can be all that’s required to communicate with your horse now.

Finesse also turns you and your horse into a synergistic unit. What does that mean? Well, think of ballroom dancers. They each follow the feel and movement of their partner, and they truly move as one. It’s graceful, harmonious and beautiful. By the same token, it challenges you as a rider to become much more athletic so you’re able to move with your horse, rather than just sitting on him.

Finesse prepares you and your horse for more advanced manoeuvres, performance sports, and more elegant, refined riding. The skills and knowledge you will gain from this will set you – and your horse – up for a lifetime of safe, fun, progressive, natural horsemanship.


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