The Fundamentals of Horsemanship

In this clinic we will take a closer look at the 3 systems of the horse Mental – Respect, Emotional – Impulsion and Physical – Flexion.

Each area is about rewarding the correct response and behaviour in your horse so that he is more confident and relaxed to shape up physically.

You’ll learn a wide variety of patterns and skills that are designed to develop the intangible qualities of feel and timing, bringing the communication between you and your horse to a more sophisticated level. Like all things, this can’t be rushed.

Equipment list

– Rope Halter                      – 2x Carrot stick

– 12ft &22ft Lead rope       – Saddle/saddle pad

– Rope hackamore              – Snaffle bit and bridle

If you need any equipment, you can shop it here.


Morning Session: Sharpening up your on-line

Understanding the effect that your body position has on your communication and how not having rhythm in the way you present information to your horse can make them be responsive or bothered.

‘Rhythmic Pressure’ supports ‘Steady Pressure’ and getting your horse really following a feel.

Afternoon Session: The responsibilities of your seat, hands and legs.

The 3 seat positions and how they affect your horse; how to get your horse more relaxed and responsive to your legs and refining rein positions, both Freestyle and Finesse.


Morning Session:  Backwards and sideways

Looking at how backwards and sideways really helps you push and not pull turns, with a focus on Freestyle riding.

Revisit the previous days afternoon session and adding 10m circles and moving the horse in and out of the circle.

Afternoon Session: Difference in ‘Stopping’ Vs “Quit Riding’

Learn that there is 2 ways to bring a horse to a stand still and how to use them for downwards transition, scotch stops and or role backs.


Morning Session: Liberty time

Getting the horse to make a game out of finding the relief in the connection and contact. Also understanding that to do liberty in larger areas takes more currency in Draw account then your Drive account.

Afternoon Session: Testing the seat

Here, we will revisit the seat connection and test the use of it with a neck sting and stick then add in the reins

 DAY 4

Morning Session: Advancing Liberty

Expanding on the liberty connection and start teach the horse to cast and return, plus playing a few of the 7 games.

Afternoon Session: Impulsion Patterns

Now that the body is working in better harmony, we’ll introduce patterns that start to help your horse and steadiness in their emotions and there for their feet.