Foundation Progress

This Camp is a total immersion course with 2 weeks of consecutive riding days allowing you to move forward in your horsemanship like no other course on offer.

It focuses on all the elements of the Parelli Foundation to fill in any gaps and grasps a deeper understanding of the importance in the set up of both horse and human, for a lifelong partnership.

The structure of this course gives you the opportunity to absorb the next level of information, apply the concepts, reflect on the change and consult with Sam on the next stage of your progress.

Given the large learning days we allow students to bring two horses with them on this camp, you are going to need a backup!


What will be covered: 

– The 8 Principles of Natural Horsemanship
– The Seven Games [as a category not a task]
– The Four Savvies
– Patterns
– Tools and Tool handling skills
– Trailer Loading
– Rider Position & Balance
– Precision & Power in the horse


Week 1 – Monday 29 to Friday 2 April 2021
Week 2 – Monday 5 April to Friday 9 April 2021

25614 South Western Hwy, Yornup 6256
14km South of Bridgetown, WA


From Bridgetown head south on the Southwest Highway for 14km until you reach the township of Yornup, stay on the highway and continue through the town once you’ve past the 110km the driveway to the property is 300m on the right hand side.

From Manjimup head north on the South Western Highway for 23km once over the Donnelly River Bridge the Property is 1km past on the left hand side.  

Treelined driveway with the property number 25614 on a large timber letter box and green post.


Course Fees $2,120 inc. camping Fees
Hire of Horse Yards $100
Alternative Option to Camping
Onsite Shared Apartment : 2 Bedrooms Available; $65 per night


Horses should be well prepared with regards to their fitness and condition. Please make sure the horses are seen by the farrier at least a few days before departure to avoid them being foot sore.
There will not be a vet on site.

When can we arrive and depart?

You will arrive the 28th of March to Tanginup, anytime after midday. We will finish up at camp on April, 9 and you can depart the morning of the 10th (Saturday) before 10am.

Will horse be in together as a herd or yarded separately?

All the horses will be kept in a individual yards; provided by students.
Over the weekend at the discretion of the students a paddock is available for turn out.

Is there mobile service/coverage at the property?

Telstra customers have very good mobile coverage.

How many people will be attending?

Participant positions are limited to 12 students.

Will food be provided?

Students are required to bring their own meals, snacks and beverages.
We do gather together for meals and go out one evening for dinner as a group.

Will there be camping available at the property?

Yes, there is camping area with basic toilet and shower facility.

Students are welcome to bring caravans, goosenecks, camper trailers, horse trucks however there is no power available for plug in.
Quiet generators welcome.

There is a 2 bedroom apartment located on the farm that houses the shared kitchen facility for the course.
Bedrooms are exclusive use areas and are available for booking from $65 per night for students on the course.

Here is a list of accommadation available in the local area:
‘Glenlynn Cottages’  7.5km Away

‘Lucieville Farm Chalets’  4km Away

‘Sunny Hurst Chalets’ 18km Away

‘Bridgetown Caravan Park’ 14km Away

What should we bring ?

  • Saddle and Pad 
  • Riding Helmet
  • Horseman’s rope halter and 12′ Line
  • Horseman’s Natural Hackamore
  • Natural Snaffle Bridle with Horseman’s Reins or Cradle Bridle
  • 22′ Line
  • 45′ Line
  • Carrot Stick and Savvy String
  • Horse feed
  • Pooper scoop
  • Water & Feed buckets
  • Hose & Connectors are always handy

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