Camps are an opportunity for you to really immerse yourself in your horsemanship. The duration of a camp can vary from 5 days up to 2 weeks.

Sam offers 3 types of camps per year:

📚Foundation Progress 📚
A 2 week course at Sam’s facility in Yornup; This camp is designed to help you progress through to your next level of Horsemanship. Understanding how all four Savvy’s Online, Liberty, Freestyle and Finesse can be used to set your horse up for any discipline. Over the course of the 2 weeks using psychology to build your horses confidence and motivation to achieve outcomes beyond the basics of foundation training.

🌳Purpose in the Trees🌳
A 5 day clinic on the trail using the horses nature and the surrounding environment to bring up opportunities to improve the horse’s capabilities around impulsion, yielding and general problem solving with examples of learning to drag objects, riding different positions within the herd, variations in speed while covering lots of ground in a beautiful forest environment. This Camp gets you testing your principles, foundation and partnership in a real camp out environment. For more info click on the Purpose In The Trees drop button under this tab.

🐮Purpose Driven Horsemanship: Cow Working🐮
Cow working is one of the ultimate tests of balance; mentally, emotionally and physically.
For decades, particular horses have been bred to have a heightened awareness of motion, this is known as “cow sense” when they have something to “track” it increases their focus and athleticism.
Every horse has the opportunity to understand this concept by teaching the horses the game of “relief” with both moving and stationary targets. This game will improve all facets of their skill set.
If you are looking for a camp to put your foundation to practice to increase focus, sensitivity, athleticism and motivation in you and your horse; there is no better way to do it than working cows.  

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