4-Star explanation

With Parelli the format each instructor can teach is based on the parameters of their star rating.  These guidelines are developed for the safety of both the horses and humans as well as to set the instructor and students up for the greatest success.  As Pat says, with more privilege comes more responsibility.

4-Star Instructor

4-Star Senior Instructors are qualified to teach all Four Savvys: On Line, Liberty, FreeStyle, and Finesse and are licensed to conduct lessons, group lessons, workshops, clinics, and camps with up to 16 participants.

Horse Development Specialists

Licensed Parelli Horse Development Specialists (HDS) are those instructors who have spent a large amount of time either personally with Pat Parelli or with his top Professionals and have earned his confidence to teach horses.  This is much different than teaching people.  The people teaching program is set up in a linear fashion, as that is the best to teach humans while horses learn much faster. The Horse Development Specialist will teach the horse in whatever order the horse needs.

Horse development is all about Parelli Principle #7 – “humans teach horses and horses teach humans.”  As you progress through the Parelli Levels Pathway to Level 4, your horse is really teaching you!  How do prey animals think, how can you act like a partner, how to handle your tools, and the list goes on.  Horse Development is where the human starts to teach the horse.  The horse may be a foal, a colt getting his first rides, a particularly difficult or challenging horse, or one moving towards an area of specialization.  Currently only 3-Star Instructors and above are eligible for this license, and not every instructor will earn it.  There are 3 levels of HDS: Horse Development Specialist, Senior Horse Development Specialist and Master Horse Development Specialist.